Festival Obscura: FOUNDERS


Based out of Long Beach, Festival Obscura was founded by Martin Svab (co-owner/founder of Phantom Carriage Brewery) and partner Ryan Hughes (Director of Sales of Phantom Carriage Brewery). Svab and Hughes, both Long Beach residents, appreciate the rich culture and history of this vibrant, coastal city. Their passion for local history and the macabre, combined with their philanthropic nature and vast experience in craft beer and event production, led them to their partnership with Sunnyside CemeterY. 

FESTIVAL OBSCURA MOST Recently produced the inaugural Celebration at Sunnyside Cemetery, a sold out fundraising event that saw 1500 guests enjoying craft beer, wine, art, collectibles & music will raising much-needed funds for the cemetery. FESTIVAL OBSCURA PRODUCTIONS HAS SEVERAL UNIQUE LONG BEACH-BASED SOCIAL EVENTS IN THE WORKS AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING THEM WITH YOU!


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