Sunnyside Cemetery, founded in 1906, is a 501(c)13 non-profit and has a diverse and cultural history that mirrors the City of Long Beach that can be seen in every section of the cemetery.  Unfortunately for Sunnyside Cemetery, there is little to no space left to be purchased, which means that without the income of funerals, they are relying on the interest accrued from endowment funds to keep the cemetery maintained. 

In 1994, the former owner started the financial downslide, when he stole more than half of the original $1M endowment care fund.  While he ended up in jail, the cemetery ended up with a financial loss they are still trying to recover from.  The current non-profit board running the cemetery is made up of friends and family members of loved ones who are buried inside, aptly named “Friends of Sunnyside.”  With the lack of financial help, the cemetery is literally doing all it can to stay above ground.

On saturday, june 29th, 2018, festival obscura held A CELEBRATION AT SUNNYSIDE CEMETERY — a FUNDRAISING CRAFT BEER/WINE FESTIVAL FEATURING MUSIC, LOCAL ARTISTIS and CRAFTS VENDORS. The SOLD-OUT (1500 guests) FUNDRAISING FESTIVAL raised over $42k for sunnyside cemetery.